WEBFLORA European Floral Franchising

WEBFLORA the European Floral Franchising.
An immediate opportunity to build a great group.

Our project has been finally implemented and tested. Now we are able to expand the business in Europe, where the Webflora brand has been registered.

Firstly we would like to expand the business of Webflora.eu in the following countries: Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic, Poland, Austria, UK where we have already registered the relevant geographic domains (webflora.it . fr .es .pt .de .nl .be .cz .pl .at .co.uk).

The expansion will take place with the franchise formula: simple, linear and fair between the parties. The franchising formula simplifies new business implementation due to a enterprise model capable to reduce business risk as much as possible. It will allow us to expand in Europe and you can carry out a project that you like with high earning potential. The costs charged to you will be advantageous, well defined and transparent.

Webflora.eu will provide you tools and services:
– Exclusive use of the franchise brand in your country.
– The ability to sell the franchisor’s goods and services.
– App in English and in your local language, available for Android or IOS operating system. Soon also on Windows 10 and upper.
– Customizable floral marketplace in your language and with the webflora.XX domain where XX corresponds to the geographical domain extension of the European country to which you belong.
– Technical support assistance in both the opening and post-opening phases.
– Constant training
– Technological updates
– Guidelines on the contracts to be concluded with your customers (florists).
Therefore, for each European nation there will be a personalized App and a personalized Marketplace.

The requirement for the explusive partnership for your nation are:
– Economic guarantees
– Deep knowledge of the industry
– Strong motivation

We kindly ask you to communicate with us in English or in Italian.